Makerspace & Maker Mindset

What Is a Makerspace?

Makerspace is a place where people collaborate to share tools, materials and expertise on all sorts of creative and technical endeavors.  A makerspace can be classrooms, mobile units, after-school workshops, and more. It's the activities and learning process inside the space that makes it truly impactful for students.

Four Elements of a Makerspace

  • Build Enthusiasm in Tinkering
  • Build Skills through Direct Projects
  • Build Engagement with open-ended projects
  • Build Empowerment with Design Challenges

Why Have a Makerspace?

By hosting a makerspace or maker kits, you are creating an environment where students are empowered to build their skills. When you have the mix of the freedom and direction that comes with a makerspaces, students will develop skills necessary to be successful in the future. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, introspection, and communication all thrive in a makerspace environment.


Creating the Maker Mindset & Supporting Makerspaces

Why Partner with the Einstein Project? We can be your one-stop STEM educational partner in providing the best solution for your school/district. We can assist in designing or supplying a space for students to prepare for their next path, whether that is college admissions, employment/careers and/or STEM literacy as a community member.

We can also be a resource for your educators to assist them in learning and implanting the Maker Mindset into their curriculum.


Makerspace Replenishment & Refurbishment

For schools with makerspace in their facilities, we can bring materials to keep your space fully stocked and ready for students. But for facilities with our a space, we offer our fully-equipped space at our facility.

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Maker Kits

From simple, small building block projects to a full unit of study, we provide maker kits that align with your curriculum needs.

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Maker Mindset Professional Development

We offer fun, project-based training sessions to give educators and/or administrators the tools they need to successfully execute the maker curriculum.

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