Volunteers are essential for the Einstein Project to be successful in providing schools with interactive, inquiry-based STEM education. There are different ways to get involved with us and the details provided here can better assist you in your volunteer experience with us.



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Corporate and Organization volunteer GROUPS who Volunteer more than 2 times per year.

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Resource Management

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Our STEM Resource Center (SRC) volunteers help our staff recycle, clean, inspect, and measure the materials that are placed in our units. 


Our volunteers come from all different backgrounds including special needs workers and senior aids from community programs, high school and college students, and retired community members. Unfortunately, we can't accept any community service appointed (court-appointed) volunteers.

Volunteers should be able to follow directions, count accurately, pay attention to detail and have the ability to make a decision on acceptability of materials for reuse. All of our volunteers are provided with instructions and training by the Volunteer Coordinator.


The Einstein Project is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday - Friday during the school year and our hours are abbreviated during the summer. We are able to accommodate volunteers for various shift lengths, including 2 to 5 hours. On occasion, we may be closed for holidays, staff development, weather, etc. Volunteers are notified of schedule changes in advance, if possible. 

Volunteers are able to set their own schedule! Some volunteers come once a week or once a month; while others come a couple times per week or month. Also, some volunteer groups come only a few times per year, but have a large impact with large numbers of volunteers at one time.  We can be flexible and we work with you to set the best schedule that will work for both you and our organization.


Our volunteers are seated in our well-lit, clean volunteer room, where there are tables, comfortable chairs and a radio. The volunteer area is air-conditioned or heated according to the season, but season-appropriate clothing is highly recommended. On occasion, volunteers might work in the warehouse; however, they will be notified prior to reporting so they can arrive prepared.

There is a break room available with a refrigerator to store beverages or snacks. Coffee, water, and soda is often available for our volunteers, but volunteers may also bring their own.


Volunteers are required to provide their own transportation to and from Einstein Project. We do offer parking in the front of the building. Volunteers should use their own judgment to determine when and if they can safely commute to and from the Einstein Project during extreme weather conditions.


For more information or if you have questions, please contact the Einstein Project, or fill out the volunteer form.


Event assistance


Event volunteers have the opportunity to help out on the day of an event with registrations, welcoming guess, ticket sells, food & beverage coordination, set-up & take-down support, booth assistance, etc. We have multiple events throughout the year. Some events are focused on kids & families, others on students, and some are general community events.

  • STEM Expo - Green Bay (Winter)
  • STEM Expo - Oshkosh (Fall)
  • Einstein Educator Training Events (Through-out the year)
  • Dine For Einstein (Fall)
  • STEAM Fair (April)
  •  Any/other Events