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Our Purpose

Leading & Inspiring Excellence & Innovation In Education

Today's Students. Tomorrow Leaders.

We are dedicated to providing resources to educators (in school and out-of-school) who can give students an experience to understand STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering & math). Through our services we are creating a society of critical thinkers, problem solvers, leaders, strong communicators and the next generation of workers who have a basic or in-depth understanding of STEM.

Einstein Project elevates STEM education by providing materials and curriculum for quality, hands-on science, engineering and math lessons.  At the most basic level, Einstein Project is a resource management center. We are an inquiry-based education solution for teachers in private or public schools or for our community's educational centers, like libraries, daycare centers, out-of-school  programs and clubs. We also provide online and in-person professional development training for educators, preparing them to teaching inquiry-based curriculum.

For over 25 years we have used our history to guide us and we continue to strive to be innovative, influential, and a community resource for all educational institutions.

Our Services: