Our Purpose


What is Einstein Project?

At the most basic level, Einstein Project is a resource management center. We provide educators with units filled with materials and standards-aligned curriculum to teach quality, hands-on, science and engineering. We also provide online and in-person professional development for educators, preparing them to teaching inquiry-based curriculum. 


We have three area of focus:

  1. Lease Units

  2. Coordinate Educator Trainings

  3. Create community partnerships


Leasing Units

We offer both science and engineering units for the classroom as well as engineering units that can be used in out-of-schools programs. Each unit consists of research-based curriculum that aligns with state and national standards, materials for up to 30 students, and educator training & resources. 

Coordinating Professional Development

We provide educators with training courses to assist them in utilizing the units to their max.  Prior to using an Einstein Project unit for the first time, we offer our Science 101 and/or Engineering 101 courses to introduce new educators to our unit materials as well as the inquiry-based learning structure.  As educators continue to utilize our units, we provide professional development opportunities that expand educators' general knowledge about science, technology, engineering and math.

educator training.jpg

Ameriprise Science Fair

Promoting STEM in the Community

We enrich our community with STEM experiences through our events, which are also fundraisers for our nonprofit. One of our largest events is the annual STEM Expo.  We also host the annual Dine for Einstein event, in which we partner with local restaurants as a fundraiser and more importantly an awareness event. Our events are a great way for us to get the community directly involved in our mission.