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Countless studies have proven that quality professional development impacts not only teacher performance, but also student achievement.  Therefore, our philosophy on professional development is to provide educators with quality sessions in various formats to meet their needs and budget. 

We offer a variety of timely professional development opportunities delivered in short and manageable chunks throughout the school year. We also provide online and in-person professional development for educators, preparing them to teaching inquiry-based curriculum.  In order to keep costs low, we are seeking creative ways to use technology to impact more teachers than ever before. 

Topics for professional development are cultivated based on Wisconsin’s Standards for Science, which are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and emerging trends in educational practices. Educators can choose from a variety of areas to pursue professional growth including; STEM specific content, cross-curriculum integration, standards implementation and assessment, and best practices in student learning. We provide training for content-specific areas of science, engineering practices and models, makerspace development and implementation, design challenges and much more.

Besides offering training throughout the school year, each summer, we host the Einstein Academy, which allows educators the option to dabble in learning something new or just gain better understanding of the science concepts they will be teaching.  It’s also a great way to network with people outside their district/school.

Einstein's Sandbox

Makerspace Training Opportunities


Professional Development Sessions

Einstein's Sandbox offers customizable makerspace sessions to match the needs of your educators and school/districts. In these session, participants explore the development of the maker mindset, get a sense about aligning curriculum to the standards, and questions about implantation of the process into their classrooms are addressed.  Sessions can be held at the Einstein's Sandbox or within our school/district.

Pizza & Project Night

Currently, Einstein Sandbox hosts a Pizza and Project Night for all formal and informal educators on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Starting at 4:30pm at the Einstein Project (1255 Einstein Way, Green Bay), educators can pay $5 at the door to get all the materials to do a fun, hands-on activity, eat some pizza (BYOB), learn best practices, and network. No registration necessary.

Upcoming Pizza and Project Night
 June 14 : July 12 : August 9 : September 13
October 11 : November 8 : December 13