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Wait . . . What? . . . A Virtual Academy?!?

Isn’t it exciting when you get a package delivered in the mail?  Well, that’s how I felt last month when my I got my copy of Ambitious Science Teaching. I read an overview of this book and it sounded like it was just the thing to do as a professional development book study during the summer. I’m almost finished with the book and I can’t wait to use it for discussion and reflection during this summer’s STEM-PLC Virtual Academy.  We are always looking for the best way to do things here at Einstein, so why not try an online, webinar-formatted, ongoing professional book study?

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What will 2018 Einstein Academy look like this summer?

As a classroom teacher I always looked forward to summer vacation almost as much as my students did.  It was time for me to totally check-out of school for a much-needed mental and emotional break from working with students on a daily basis.  I’d spend the first week or so sleeping in late, weeding my gardens, and picking up a delicious fiction book. This year I’m really looking forward to summer, but for a totally different reason.  This is the summer when the Einstein Project is going to roll-out a whole new venue of professional development that is going to be (wait for it) EPIC!

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Teacher Mindset

What if we looked at Professional Development differently in 2018?  Rather than seeing it as something you have to do, what about reframing it as something you want to do?  These very questions are at the heart of some of the changes we are implementing at the Einstein Project...

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