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The Steven Van Dyke Science Education Fund was created in honor of one of our organization’s founders, the late Steven Van Dyke, former CEO of Foth & Van Dyke. The Fund was developed to provide seed money to assist schools in establishing a hands-on, inquiry based science/engineering program. The intent is to provide an environment in which the Einstein Project and partner school have the time and resources to grow a long-term relationship. 

The Steven Van Dyke grants may be used to cover the cost of unit rentals for our science or engineering units. Grant amounts range in value and depend on the size and scope of the grant proposal as well as the amount of funds available in a given school year. The grants may also be used to cover the cost of professional development for any of the Einstein Project training sessions. The Einstein Project has a resource development team available to assist in developing financial resources in your local community to ensure continued success.

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