Einstein STEAM Fair

An event where imagination, competition & innovation meet

2019 STEAM Fair Postponed

We are so sad to report that we need to postpone this year's event...we were really looking forward to seeing all of you next month. There is so much going on at Einstein and with our tiny team, we just can't give this amazing event the attention it deserves. Please contact us with any questions.

This event showcases student's skills & abilities by having various competitions and different interactive activities, including the traditional Science Fair, a Chain Reaction Competition (also referenced as a Rube Goldberg Machine), an Instant Engineering Challenge, and Tinkering Space activities.

Throughout the day, student participants, between their judging times, can enjoy the Tinkering Space activities, Instant Engineering Challenge participation, and have fun watching and learning from other student's projects. Family and friends of the students are also encouraged to hang out to enjoy this day of fun, competition and STEAM activities.


Science & Engineering Fair

Encourage your student (grades 1-12) to show off their talents and world curiosity by creating a science or engineering project.

A science or engineering fair project is a unique way for students to pose questions, find answers, and to meet their own curiosity about the world. This project is an experiment, a demonstration, and a research effort. Students present their findings and overall project layout to a group of judges at the STEAM Fair event. The Best in Show winners, for the various ages groups, will receive phenomenal prizes.  

Science & Engineering Fair Project Resources

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Chain Reaction Competition

This competition will challenge students grades 1 - 12 to create an elaborate, machine that completes a simple task. Teams and their machines are judged on a range of criteria from complexity, design, creativity, story-telling and team chemistry– along with the successful achievement of the task at hand.

This competition is a two part project. First, student teams will create their machine and record it for a panel of judges to review. (Detailed instructions and rules are linked below.)  The judging panel will choose the top 20 projects to move forward to part 2. The top 20 projects will present their project outline, video and successes in a 5-10 minute presentation at the STEAM Fair in front of their peers, parents/guardians, and another panel of judges. Top presenters will win amazing prizes! All competition participants, part 1 & part 2 will be invited to join us at the STEAM Fair.

Chain Reaction Contraption Competition Resources

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Instant Engineering Challenge

Throughout the STEAM Fair day, there will be a variety of instant challenges to explore student's STEM skills and team work capabilities. These challenges provide a chance for small teams to show off their creative problem solving skills in a short, unrehearsed presentation.  This challenge will reward teams for teamwork and creativity of their solution.  Priority registration is included for those participating the in Science & Engineering Fair and Chain Reaction Competition. Community registration for the Instant Engineering Challenges will take place the day of the event (first come-first serve). All community members and families are welcome.

Instant Engineering Challenge Details

  • Sign-up is open from 9am to 11:00am. Its a first come, first served basis.

  • Students should report to the Instant Engineering Challenge sign-up area at the NWTC Student Center 10 minutes prior to the challenge start time - don't be late!

  • Once in the room, students will work in teams of 3 to 6 members to find a creative solution to a problem.

  • Challenge tasks are altered to match the grade level of the students in each session.


Tinkering Space

A tinkering space (a component of a Makerspace) will be available all day for both student participants and their parents/guardians to get creative and tinker. This is an opportunity in a safe and supportive environment to learn the use of traditional tools, digital manufacturing, coding, electronics and design, while also developing the soft skills and grit that are crucial to success in the 21st century workforce.  No registration is required.

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Thank You all student participants, parents, volunteers, judges, and event guests for making the 2018 event a success!

Thank You to our 2018 sponsors

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