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Product Design Workshop

The Product Design Workshop combines maker learning, design thinking and entrepreneurship as we investigate and define a problem or opportunity, brainstorm and prototype and test solutions, and launch a product. This workshop can involve any type of input or output (coding, electronics, 3D printing, laser cutting, duct tape, cardboard, etc). We will work with participants to choose their path, learn the skills and tools needed, plan and budget their project and present their final product. 

**The participants will choose their focus area and work at their own pace to develop the skills and processes needed for their product design. In this format we obviously can not walk everyone, step-by-step, through each of their projects. We will guide and provide appropriate tools, but they will have ownership of their product development process.

Level: 4th - 8th grade*

Minimum Registration: 15 each session

Costs: $130

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* Workshops are developed for 6th - 8th graders. If you wish to enroll a younger child please email dennis@einsteinproject.org to discuss arrangements.



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