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What Is a Makerspace?

Makerspace is a place where people collaborate to share tools, materials and expertise on all sorts of creative and technical endeavors.  A makerspace can be classrooms, mobile units, after-school workshops, and more. It's the activities and learning process inside the space that makes it truly impactful for students.

Four Elements of a Makerspace

  • Build Enthusiasm in Tinkering

  • Build Skills through Direct Projects

  • Build Engagement with open-ended projects

  • Build Empowerment with Design Challenges

Why Have a Makerspace?

By hosting a makerspace or maker kits, you are creating an environment where students are empowered to build their skills. When you have the mix of the freedom and direction that comes with a makerspaces, students will develop skills necessary to be successful in the future. Creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, introspection, and communication all thrive in a makerspace environment.


Creating the Maker Mindset & Supporting Makerspaces

Why Partner with the Einstein Project? We can be your one-stop STEM educational partner in providing the best solution for your school/district. We can assist in designing or supplying a space for students to prepare for their next path, whether that is college admissions, employment/careers and/or STEM literacy as a community member.

We can also be a resource for your educators to assist them in learning and implanting the Maker Mindset into their curriculum.


Makerspace Workshops

For students looking for an alternative way to experience learning, check out the workshops that take place in Einstein's Sandbox. Contact us about available and upcoming opportunities.


Makerspace Replenishment & Refurbishment

For schools with makerspace in their facilities, we can bring materials to keep your space fully stocked and ready for students. But for facilities without a space, we offer our fully-equipped space at our facility.

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Maker Kits

From simple, small building block projects to a full unit of study, we provide maker kits to educators that align with your curriculum needs.

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Maker Mindset Professional Development

We offer fun, project-based training sessions to give educators and/or administrators the tools they need to successfully execute the maker curriculum.

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