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Enhancing and enriching student learning to create a pipeline of talented future employees.


Who We Are

The Einstein Project is helping create a society of critical thinkers, problem solvers, leaders, strong communicators and the next generation of workers who have an understanding of STEM (science, technology, engineering & math). For over 27 years we have used our history to guide us and we continue to strive to be innovative, influential, and a community resource for all educational institutions.

We elevate STEM education by providing materials and curriculum in kits for quality, interactive science, engineering, maker and math lessons.  At the most basic level, Einstein Project is a resource management center. We are an inquiry-based education solution for teachers in private or public schools or for our community's educational centers, like libraries, daycare centers, out-of-school  programs and clubs. We also provide online and in-person professional development training for educators, preparing them to teaching inquiry-based curriculum.


What We Do

Our services

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Einstein Units & Kits

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Educator Training

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Our Model & Impact

Impacting Students

Our Inquiry-based Model Fosters Curiosity.

Kids are born curious! Here at the Einstein Project, we believe that a student’s education should foster that curiosity.  On a regular basis, students need opportunities to explore their ideas using hands-on learning.  This type of learning promotes critical thinking skills that will allow students to analyze information and solve complex real world problems.  This demands the learning goes beyond the memorization of terminology and facts. Our model allows students to utilize strategies and practices to engage with the content in developmentally appropriate ways similar to the ways of the professionals working in STEM fields.


What Makes Us Unquie

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 Partner With Our Expert Staff

Our expert staff understands the ever-changing educational environment and is here to assist your educators and administrators to ensure they are teaching and implementing the standards. As we adapt to technology innovations and new standards (NGSS), we will partner with you to ensure your goals are met.

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Services Tailored To Your Education Plan

We want to be your easy button for schools and educators. By offering flexibility in our services, educators can use the Einstein Project for standard-aligned curriculum, hands-on materials, professional development training, makespace kits and so much. You tell us what you needs and your budget and we work with you to assist you in developing a resource management plan that meets your needs. 

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Inquiry-Based Materials & Curriculum

Einstein Units of Study consist of research-based curriculum and interactive materials for 25-30 students. Our curriculum not only covers science and engineering, but also use math, technology, reading and other subjects, to create the most enriching educational environment. Our kits with the hands-on materials encourage students to explore their ideas beyond the classroom.

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Take The Next Step

Make your educational resource management easier.


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Our community and the industry leaders are calling on our education system to support the development of prepared, skilled employees. These future employees and community leaders not only need to be knowledgeable in STEM, but need to be problem solvers, strong communicators and driven to find solutions.

In order to be successful in fostering these 21st century career-ready students, we all need to work together.  Corporations, small businesses, government, and education instructions, along with education supporting organizations, need to create coalitions, partnerships, and alliance to better use our community's limited resources.

Make An Impact


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