Einstein Project Units


How it Works

At our core, we lease science and engineering kits for 4K - 8th grade educators. Our kits consist of research-based curriculum and interactive materials for 25 - 30 students, making them a full unit of study. As a nationally recognized STEM Resource Center, our goal is to create STEM literacy for all students, by giving them a quality education to prepare them for challenges they will face in their careers and in society. Each year our program impacts more than 5,000 educators and since our inception, we have created over 1.5 million hands-on experiences.

With our refurbishment process, we are able to lease about 2,500 units to schools; however, we currently only own 1,200 units. Our units are on a constant cycle between schools and the Einstein Project.

Our Curriculum

Einstein units are inquiry-based, which is a "student-centered method of teaching in which the teacher acts as a facilitator who guides conversations and poses questions alongside their students rather than as an all-knowing purveyor of knowledge." Inquiry classrooms tend to perform investigations, analyze data and construct explanations. 

With the development of Next Generation of Science Standards, our curriculum team is using various resources to align and direct the materials in our units to those new standards. We are your expert facility to assist educations with making sure you are implementing and teaching to these new standards.

Our current curriculum is researched-based and is developed internally or from national education institutions. Not only do our units cover science and engineering concepts, but they also use math, technology, reading and other subjects to create the most enriching educational environment for students.

What makes us unique

High-Value, Low-Cost:

Our refurbishment process allows our unit materials, including the curriculum books, which we call non-consumables, to be leased up to ten times. This ultimately allows our unit to be cost-effective for schools and districts.  Our ability to buy items in bulk and package them with each unit allows us to relieve the burden of materials management and keep costs down.

"Einsteining" the Units:

Over the years, our educators provide feedback about making our units easier to use and more fitting for the classroom. We take these suggestions to heart and make changes to our units. For example, if educators ask to have material cut prior to receiving the unit in the classroom, we utilize our volunteers to do this tasks to save educators time.

Furthermore, educators and our Einstein Gurus have provided amazing additional curriculum materials, like assessment pieces, field trip ideas, video suggestions, take-home activities, and more to take the unit lessons and exploration beyond the classroom and into the world of the students.

Educator Training to Meet our Customer's Needs:

From the start, the Einstein Project has been providing educators with professional development. Over the years, educators were able to do hands-on training to learn about the unit interactive lessons. We continue to offer the in-person training that not only provides the attendees with knowledge about how to best teach inquiry-based learning, but we also get the educators familiar with our units. In-person training sessions are highly-recommended by our expert staff. However, we meet our educators needs by also providing online training and videos tutorials that give educators tips and tricks to make teaching the unit easy.


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