Our Classroom Kits

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How it Works

  • We include materials and curriculum for 30 students.

  • When the 6 - 16 week kit is complete, it is sent back to be refurbished.

  • That’s it! Nothing for you to store or worry about.

Our Curriculum

  • Every one of our kits are researched based

  • Kits are inquiry-based - students ask and answer questions which leads to deeper understanding

  • All new curriculum aligns with the Next Generation of Science Standards

  • Our curriculum integrates all areas of STEAM and often also crosswalks between STEAM and other critical areas such as language arts

What makes us unique

High-Value, Low-Cost

  • We are able to lower our costs by:       

    • Reusing non-consumable items

    • Purchasing in bulk

    • Leveraging the tremendous power of our generous volunteers

    • Through corporate donations

"Einsteining" the Kits:

  • We use continuous improvement and feedback from educators to routinely update our kits as needed including improvements regarding environmental responsibility and career pathways

  • We remove as many teacher preparation steps that do not add educational value as possible

  • We provide assessment tools, extension ideas and provide ongoing virtual professional development for educators