Why Support Us

It takes a community to provide STEM education. The Einstein Project depends on individuals, foundations, corporations and other key stakeholders to volunteer and donate to promote our mission. Your support will:

  • Young Boy SmilingInspire the next generation of enigneers, mechanics, inventors, IT professionals, and all other occupations affected by STEM education.
  • Enrich educators through the learning opportunities in our professional development trainings. 
  • Provide special events for community members to experience fun, hands-on ways to experience STEM in our everyday lives.
  • Sustain a volunteer program – the critical connection between the Project and our community extends our ability to serve students and teachers.
  • Grow in Excellence as we continously update our unit's currculuium and materials and evolve our professional development to meet educator's needs.

We need your help to enhance and expand our programs. Together we can ensure educators have the resources they need. We will also instill in students the knowledge and skills needed to work, live, and contribute to our future community.   

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