Steven Van Dyke Science Education Fund

Steven K. Van Dyke founded The Einstein Project in 1991.  He was a gifted engineer and scientist and former Chief Executive Officer and later Chairman of the Board of Foth & Van Dyke (now Foth). Upon his passing in 2008, the Steven Van Dyke Science Education Fund for The Einstein Project was established at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. Leadership gifts for this fund were received from Foth and friends and family of Steven.

This Fund is used to get hands-on science in classrooms that otherwise would not have the funds to do so. Schools/classes that are accepted to receive funds from the Steven Van Dyke Science Education Fund receive monies for teachers to be trained and units to be used free of charge for one school year. The second school year, the schools are asked to pay 50% of the costs. The goal is that by year three, schools will see the benefits of using hands-on science lessons and allow for lease fees in their budgets.

The school districts that have benefited from this grant program include Howards Grove, Kaukauna, Northwood, and Wausaukee.Twenty-three teachers have been trained and 25 units have been rented.

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To apply to receive funding for hands-on science in your classroom, please contact The Einstein Project.

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To make a gift to the Steven Van Dyke Science Education Fund, you may do it online by clicking the button below or complete this gift form and mail it to 1255 Einstein Way, Green Bay, WI 54311.

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