Einstein Project Units

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The Einstein Project assists educators in teaching hands-on, inquiry-based science and engineering subject matter. Our curriculum is researched-based and is developed internally or from national education institutions. Not only do our units cover science and engineering concepts, but they also use math, techonlogy, reading and other subjects to create the most enriching educational environment for Wisconsin students.

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How Our Units Work?
Following the Standards

All our unit titles are fully aligned with the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Science. We continue to update the units to meet the Next Generation of Science Standards as resources and materials become available. We offer both options to make teaching to the standards easier for educators!

The Process

We own just over 1,200 units of study for grades 4K-8th, and throughout the school year, we are able to lease about 2,500 units to schools. Our units are on a constant cycle between schools and The Einstein Project. The Einstein Project leases to over 140 schools in the state of Wisconsin.

That enables around 65,000 interactive STEM education experiences in classrooms each year.