Ribbet-ing Fun: A Rave Review of Einstein’s Critter Auctions

Saturday, July 23, 2016

The Einstein Project's Butterflies and Friends Art Auctions have been the talk of the town ever since the first auction in 2003. The auctions have brought donors together, empowered local artists, and contributed to the success of The Einstein Project's goal to give all students a hands-on STEM education at a cost all schools can afford. Butterflies, frogs, and other wildlife found in Wisconsin are created by artists and auctioned at the annual event, raising money for The Einstein Project and creating a beautifully decorated community!


Though the artists do all the creative work, The Einstein Project’s Butterflies and Friends Art Auctions wouldn’t be around today without the involvement of the community members who purchase the art sculptures. One of the auctions’ most avid fans Dianna Langner recently gave me her thoughts on why the critter auctions are so special to the Green Bay community.


Dianna found out about the organization’s critter auctions when one kind of critter in particular caught her eye- frogs! Her first Butterflies and Friends Art Auction was the first year The Einstein Project had introduced those amphibious friends to what had previously been a butterfly’s game. As the scavenger hunt before the big auction day is often the most fun for regulars of the auctions, Dianna reminisced about finding all the frogs in Green Bay.

Dianna has collected seven frogs from the Butterflies and Friends Art Auctions to date, decorating her house with fun frogs and community spirit. Though she held no past personal connection to The Einstein Project, she understands the importance of providing hands-on science and engineering to children, as she believes “arts and education are the foundation of our community. Without both we would have nothing.”

Dianna loves the auctions, and she is always on the lookout for our famous frogs! If you would like to join in on the fun, ask The Einstein Project about our Butterflies and Friends auctions today.