Air Conditioning and Other Reasons to Volunteer in The Summer

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

You’ve heard of the butterflies. The boxes of mud. Maybe you made a rubber-band-powered car when you were younger, or you played with rocks and minerals and decided to one day become a geologist before discovering another topic that intrigued you. Behind all that science magic that you experienced, a small building at 1255 Einstein Way is busy assembling bins, sorting materials, raising funds, and brainstorming science and engineering. But these STEM-gifting Santa’s can’t do it alone-- 365 days a year, Einstein runs on volunteers! Here’s why YOU should give us your next free afternoon:

1. You get to sit.

This is more important than you may think. To put it into perspective, here’s a list of the other ways you could be getting those volunteer hours: Highway clean-up. Raking leaves. Run/Walks. Community gardening. All are very noble, but none are very comfortable.

2. Have you ever been this good at counting to ten?

Give it a couple hours, 10,000 straws, and 1,000 plastic baggies. You counting skills will improve tenfold. Trust us.

3. Parents, bring your kids!

Volunteering at The Einstein Project is perfect for teens! Gain tons of volunteer hours, and you can bring that beautiful “I volunteer” sense of superiority back to school in the fall. (You can even listen to your own music.)


4. Kids, bring your parents!

The Einstein Project loves volunteers of all ages! Whether you have three hours next Tuesday, a morning every other Friday, or ten minutes every other full moon, we’ll work with your schedule. The Einstein Project is also a great place for seniors to get their community outreach on! Make new friends, give back to the schools of Wisconsin, and get in on the latest science and engineering gossip.


5. Free A/C.

This one just speaks for itself. Imagine that cool, fresh, science-y air- waiting for you.


6. Get to meet the man himself.

Einstein. The man. The legend. We have a ten-foot-tall tile picture of the man waiting to greet you every day in our front lobby. What more could you ask for? #inspired


7. The recognition.

Make a kit for a kid, you can watch how your community grows and develops. This is much cooler than, say, planting trees. Trees can’t thank you (or become engineers) when they grow up. (P.S. Planting trees is still cool, so if you have the time, do both!)


8. The lack of recognition.

A hidden gem in the sphere of assembly-line-volunteerism, the anonymity of creating and wrapping science and engineering kits can be very rewarding! Creating brighter futures does not always have to happen loudly.


10. And suddenly, you get it.

Somewhere between the fourth and fifth hour of wiping child-grime off of goggles awaiting more grime, while sifting for the 256th broken popsicle stick, in the time it takes to spell out STEM-- it will click. Community. Science. The Children. Inspiring career paths that will innovate the future.


The Einstein Project.