Behind The Scenes: The Life Cycle of an Einstein Unit

Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Einstein Project  is not just named after the great frizzy-haired father of modern physics. We are Wisconsin’s leading science and engineering education material distributor. Here’s what we do!

Our stats.

The Einstein Project is a Wisconsin non-profit providing affordable and engaging science and engineering materials and teacher training to advance STEM knowledge, skill and an enthusiasm for learning. Each year, around twenty-five hundred units are distributed to over 140  different schools and districts in the state of Wisconsin. The Einstein Project’s small-but-mighty warehouse contains approximately twelve hundred and eighty units, cycling units through multiple classrooms through a sustainable system of volunteers and staff that keep the kits in tip top shape.

Our kits.

When a kit returns to Einstein, sorting and inspecting leaves the kit renewed, refreshed, and ready for the next classroom. Broken and consumable items are removed, reusable items are scrubbed and repacked. Our staff members and volunteers work together to group the needed items for each unit. With over sixty different materials in the elementary kits and 150 in the middle school units, The Einstein Project staff always have their work cut out for them!

Our fuel.

Amazing as it is, The Einstein Project could not do it alone.

Though the organization employs eight full time employees, we are lucky to have many dedicated volunteers and interns that help the non-profit throughout the year. Volunteers and staff help clean, sort, count, and assemble unit materials, packing as much science or engineering as possible into each box!

Once the boxes are packed, it’s off to Sturgeon Bay, Milwaukee, and all over the rest of Northeastern Wisconsin. Units are rented for a quarter, trimester, or semester, and are returned to The Einstein Project’s warehouse at the end of their rental period to be cleaned, repacked, and remade for their next classroom! To prepare educators for their Einstein units, every teacher attends an Einstein Academy training session. These sessions teach how to make hands-on science and engineering fun and effective for students of all age groups and interests!

Our classrooms.

By the time the Einstein units reach the classroom, teachers are trained, lessons are prepped, and materials are ready to be unwrapped. Our favorite part! The Einstein units are used in classrooms and in after school programs throughout Wisconsin, expanding knowledge of both STEM topics and STEM futures! Using our units enables students to explore science and engineering in an engaging way, creating STEM-minded kids that grow into successful adults.

Our bottom line.

The Einstein Project is dedicated to providing the material that shows students hands-on science, math, critical thinking, engineering and more! We work hard to giving teachers the materials and support they need to be able to produce the next generation of thinkers, scientists and engineers. We spark STEM futures.