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The Einstein Project provides educators with the resources to give students quality education in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our basic goals included:

1.) Providing Interactive Units with STEM Curriculum

Founded in 1991, The Einstein Project is a nonprofit organization that recognizes the need to provide science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education opportunities in order to support economic growth and innovation. At our core, we lease prepackaged units for 4K - 8th grade educators. Our units consist of research-based curriculum, interactive materials for 25 - 30 students. As a nationally recognized STEM Resource Center, following state and national education standards, our goals are to create STEM literacy, give students a quality education and create a skilled workforce.  Each year
our programs impact more than 5,000 educators and 62,000 students in Wisconsin.

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2.) Coordinating Professional Development Training

As part of leasing a unit, educators attend an exclusive professional development training, so they can explore and investigate the hands-on curriculum with other educators and a certified Einstein Project Unit Trainer.  At these trainings, educators learn to manage the units materials, gain knowledge of the unit’s subject matter, and learn tips & tricks from the experienced trainers.

3.) Community Connections

As a result of our strong connections to many different facets of the community, The Einstein Project is able to provide materials & trainings to schools for a reasonable cost. Businesses, not only support us financially, but also provide consultants and material resources. Also, we develop relationships with other nonprofit organizations and community partners who want to excel STEM education, which is how the Brown County STEM Network was developed. Furthermore, we host community events, like the annual Science Expo, to raise funds for our programs and to spread our mission of elevating STEM education through interactive experiences.

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Our Mission:

Elevating STEM education by enriching student learning and enhancing educator knowledge through interactive experiences.

Our Vision:

To lead and inspire excellence and innovation in education.

Our Core Values:

We believe in:

Respect: Embrace Our Mission and Use It as a Guide for All Decisions
Dedication: Deliver Extraordinary Education with Passion & Determination
Innovation: Drive & Embrace Change with an Open Mind
Collaboration: Strengthen Community Partnerships & Share Resources
Influence: Use our Expertise to Positively Impact Others
Fun: Infuse Creativity & Energy into Everything


Our History:

The Einstein Project History Infographic